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*** Customer information about our protective measures in the Blashy Bar***


We have written a leaflet about our currently applicable hygiene measures. By strictly adhering to it, we protect each other. A big MERCI for your help!

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***Info from Instagram 03/14/2020***


Dear customers,
I would like to comment personally on the situation in the Blashy Bar. 

Yes we are open and...
Yes, we have tightened hygiene measures.

Anyone who comes in and out of our place knows that since the Blashy Bar was established in 2015, we ALWAYS wear gloves and face masks and that disinfection is available for employees and customers.

Our customers will be informed in writing about additional measures due to the special situation in the lift up to us.
This was already implemented in February and initially smiled at; Nobody is laughing anymore...unfortunately, because that means the situation has become more serious.... and today I'm glad that I reacted so early.
In addition, I have introduced further hygiene training and corona awareness meetings for the employees.

Yes, we work very closely with the customer, the more aware we are of what compliance with hygiene measures means.
We will set up an *additional treatment room* so that our customers have as little mixing as possible and are not treated so close together.


At this point, a big thank you to my employees, who took the situation very seriously from the start and implemented everything so well.  #dankeansblashyteam

Immediately after yesterday's press conference, I personally informed all the ladies via video about the next steps; For example, all employees who still use public transport today can come by car and I pay the parking fees in the city.

But I can't give you a 100% guarantee BUT I give you my word (and anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of honor & morality and transparency) that we will comply with all requirements and will continue to tighten them up, if of course necessary from an official point of view or rather if my common sense sounds the "alarm".

Normally I never give out a post with so many personal words and opinions from me, but today it was time and now I wish you all good health and goodwill & respect towards your fellow human beings.

Your Rabea

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