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Gold Glow Mask

Get the glow.



Are you also looking for the perfect glow? Then try our Gold Glow Mask!

Luxurious, pore-refining gel mask for a glamorous appearance. The skin clarifying care formula with golden shimmer and coconut activated charcoal gently frees your skin from impurities and toxins.

It provides an even skin texture while leaving a wonderful feeling of freshness.

The skin looks firmer, perfectly hydrated and full of radiance.

For your Summer Glow that makes you shine.

How do you get your glow?

The Summer Glow in moving pictures with our model & blogger Corinne. 

Watch Video...!

BB_ Glow Gold Mask.jpg

Duration: 20 min



Our Jelly Glow Gold Mask can do everything: refine pores, refresh, detox, tighten and give you the ultimate glow. 

The main detox active ingredient, die  activated coconut charcoal, is a jack of all trades and draws sebum out of the pores, removes toxins from the skin and has an antibacterial effect, preventing skin impurities. 

The Blashy team is enthusiastic, because at the same time the mask offers you a long-lasting feeling of freshness in addition to the glow, which is very pleasant. The scent afterwards is wonderful and you just feel seductive. 


After the gentle foam cleansing, we first take care of your eyes and apply the refreshing Crystal Gold Collagen Mask . Afterwards  the Jelly Glow Mask: BLASHY Glo(w)rious is applied with a soft fan brush.  Finally we pamper your skin with our great_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Shiny final fluid Goldhearted.

BLASHY Glowrious Gold Face Mask - vegan

The skin-clarifying care formula with golden shimmer and activated carbon charcoal gently frees the skin from impurities and toxins. It ensures an even complexion while leaving a feeling of freshness. The skin appears firmer, perfectly hydrated and full of radiance.

BLASHY Goldhearted care serum  vegan

  • Cell revitalizing formula by Chicory

  • Provides intensive moisture including an immediate lifting effect

  • Delicate shimmer for extra glow

  •  Vegan and cruelty-free

Prolong your glow


Take your glow home. 

With the BLASHY Glo(w)rious Face Mask for at home  you can repeat the glow again and again. The hydrating and nourishing active ingredients do the rest for the perfect glow. and to finish, the Goldhearted Elixir for the final shimmer and instant lifting effect. Book here 


price list.

All prices in CHF
Gold Glow Mask                           29.- 
can be booked as an extra in one treatment & includes Crystal Gold eye mask & final elixir

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