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Miroblading Zürich


Microblading oder Powder Brows ist eine beliebte Methode zur Verbesserung des Aussehens der Augenbrauen, die in Zürich verfügbar ist. Dieser Schönheitsbehandlung verwendet feine, manuelle Stiche, um die Augenbrauen dicker und voller aussehen zu lassen. Es ist eine semi-permanente Methode, die etwa ein bis zwei Jahre hält, bevor eine Auffrischung erforderlich ist.

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Die meist gestellten Fragen

  • What is microblading?
    Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up method - also called eyebrow tattooing - exclusively for the fine hair drawing of the eyebrows. As with classic permanent make-up, color pigments are also incorporated into the Skin incorporated. However, this is done manually with light pressure using a handpiece with a blade rather than a machine. These fine cuts or hair drawings can hardly be distinguished from the natural Distinguish between eyebrow hairs. A so-called HD & 3D technique is created, which makes the result look very natural.
  • Who is microblading suitable for?
    For whom is microblading suitable? For clients who have gaps in their eyebrows due to natural hair growth or scars. After years of plucked or overplucked eyebrows. If you have very light or few eyebrows and want to make them appear thicker. We only treat customers who are already 18 years of age, i.e. of legal age and not pregnant women.
  • How long does microblading last?
    Microblading hair drawings last about 12-24 months, depending on the condition of the skin, age and lifestyle. However, since we have no influence on this, we do not give any durability guarantee.
  • What are the benefits of microblading?
    The fine hair drawing enables a very great natural result. Scab formation is usually less than with classic permanent make-up and the healing is a little easier.
  • Individual eyebrow shape...
    The eyebrow shape is worked out together with the customer and tailored to the face type. The pre-drawing and design before the actual blading or incorporation of the color is very important. The brow stylist takes the time to find the right shape with the customer.
  • Is microblading painful?
    You will feel a medium to strong unpleasant pulling if you are very sensitive to pain. But it's bearable.
  • How long does a treatment take?
    Including professional pre-drawing and digital control, the treatment takes about 2-2.5 hours.
  • Is follow-up treatment necessary?
    In most cases, customers come after 4 weeks for a follow-up treatment to intensify the color or fill in gaps. Follow-up treatment during the first 2 months is included in the price. A third post-processing can be used for 50 CHF can be booked later. Follow-up treatment before the 4-week healing phase is not possible.
  • Hygiene with microblading - absolutely necessary.
    We pay great attention to hygienic and clean work. We change gloves several times during treatment. We only use sterile blades and handpieces. We sterilize handpieces, tweezers, scissors, etc. in our own medical steam sterilizer. Consumables will not be reused even if they are not consumed in the treatment in question. Everything is disposed of professionally and safely.
  • Colours
    We use colors from LI Pigments. These are strictly controlled and certified colors for microblading and permanent make-up. They heal neither reddish nor purple. More information in the studio.
  • Care
    Maintenance after blading is very uncomplicated. You have to apply the care cream provided by the studio 4-5 times a day for about 14 days. We explain the exact care in detail after a microblading treatment and you get detailed care instructions to take home.
  • How will I look immediately after the treatment?
    For the first few days after blading, the color will appear darker than it will look when healed. This is no cause for alarm. The healing occurs 30-40% lighter than the bladed fresh result. A bit of patience is required here. Under no circumstances should the crust that has formed be removed, it must fall off by itself. Due to swelling, redness and the raised scab formation, the result can look falsified in the first 14 days. Here you should keep calm and wait for the healing of 4 weeks.
  • What do I have to consider before the treatment?
    Just before blading, the customer should note the following: Do not drink coffee, black tea or alcohol the same day or the night before blade Fit, be alert and healthy The menstruation should also be over, otherwise you are usually more sensitive to pain and bleed more No butt-diluting medication such as aspirin Not having a fever or being ill. Haven't taken any drugs


Microblading, Powder Brows oder Hybrid Brows

Du wählst mit Deiner Stylistin den richtigen Look. 

Inkl. Nachbehandlung innerhalb 4 Wochen beim Neupreis.

Egal ob Du Microblading oder Powder Brows wählst oder als Kombi gleich beides. Alles ein Preis!


Auch KundInnen, die nicht das Microblading oder Powderbrows bei uns gemacht haben, dürfen für ein Refresh kommen.

Aber eine Form muss noch zu sehen sein.

Müssen wir neu Ausmessen und Einzeichnen gilt der Neupreis.

Eine neue Behandlung beinhaltet 2 Behandlungsdurchgänge. Ein Refresh beinhaltet 1 Behandlungsdurchgang. 


Neu...................................................................CHF 450.-

Refresh - unter 20 Monate...........................CHF 405.-

Worauf solltest Du achten bevor Du Dich für einen Dermapigmentierer Deines Vertrauens entscheidest:


  • die Hygienevorschriften anwenden

  • die Instrumente mit einem medizinischen Sterilisator reinigen

  • Eigene Foto-Referenzen vorzeigen können, leider nutzen Berufskollegen immer wieder Referenzen von anderen.

  • die Möglichkeit bieten, bereits mit pogmentierten Kunden zu sprechen

  • ein kostenfreies Beratungsgespräch anbieten

  • mehrtägige Aubildungen besucht haben inkl. Zertifikat

  • Professionelle Räumlichkeiten nutzen

  • Einverständniserklärung mit dem Kunden unterzeichnen

  • Pflegecreme & Pflegeanleitung mitgeben



Wir haben uns auf die natürliche Variante des Permanent Make up spezialisiert und machen keine aussergewöhnlichen Lidstriche oder künstliche Augenbrauen

! Natural Permanent Make up for natural beauties !

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