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Your wish for perfect eyebrows will become reality in BLASHY BAR

Brows on fleek - this is clearly the credo of the hour - and the hype continues. No wonder; perfect eyebrows give the face a frame, make the look more intense and the eyes appear more awake.
We know all the tools and tricks it takes to perfect your natural eyebrows.

With us you are with the number 1 for perfect eyebrow styling.

How to find your perfect BLASHY BAR

Brow Look?

As Brow Experts from the start, we of course have a nice assortment of treatments on our Brow Menu!

Brow Tint & Style

Here, fitness model and blogger Corinne Ruf shows you how our brow treatments work and which techniques we use for them.

Start the video...!

Brow Hair Lift

Henna Brow Tint

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Longevity: up to 4 weeks 

Duration: 60 min


Eyebrow correction with our 7-step signature treatment. The luxury version of brow styling for you!

Consultation - Brow Mapping - Colouring - Waxing - Threading - Contouring - Trimming - Brow Make up - Highlighter - Massage

During this treatment, the eyebrows are measured and styled to match your type. In addition, we give you helpful tips & tricks for eyebrow styling and care at home. If you are with us for the first time, we recommend this treatment.

With our specially made Blashy Brow products, this treatment includes a beautiful brow make up with different Blashy products such as pencil, brow powder, fixing gel and highlighter. 

For over-plucked eyebrows, we recommend a little patience to grow them out in order to get the eyebrows into the optimal shape.

However, with our Brow Styling, a convincing "wow" result will be seen after the first treatment.


Expert Tip from Debora:

"Please do not pluck your eyebrows for 1-3 weeks before the treatment - this is how we achieve the most beautiful results and conjure up your absolute dream eyebrows. 

We look forward to seeing you!"


Longevity: 2-4 weeks 

Duration: 30 min


Brow clean-up or brow tinting or both. Eyebrow correction of the No.1 Brow Bar
 In this treatment we style your eyebrows with wax, thread technique and contouring with tweezers. 

And if you want the finishing touch, book tinting at the same time - with our Swiss eyebrow color from Belmacil. 

Our Brow Experts are regularly trained and do more than 4'000 eyebrow treatments a year. They know what they are doing :-) 

We work with what you bring to the table and together we find the path to your dream eyebrows.

Many paths lead to your perfect eyebrows. Sometimes it just takes a little patience. 


Thread technique with aloe vera!

We work with thread with aloe vera coating for anti-inflammatory thread technique/threading treatment. 


Longevity: 2-4 weeks 

Duration: 15 min



Eyebrow tinting or bleaching.  

Do you want lighter eyebrows?


Or simply want to get more expressive eyebrows with natural intensity by coloring?


Then coloring your eyebrows is ideal. 


We use the Swiss eyebrow dye brand Belmacil.

Dyes faster and, if desired, more intense than the conventional brands on the market. 

We know the manufacturer, a super-nice pharmacist personally and swear by these colors - you will also be thrilled. 


The special thing is that we also have an extra color for blondes with Belmacil in the range. 


Bleaching is also ideal for the first gray eyebrows, because if we bleach them, then you can dye them afterwards great and all the hairs accept the color.  


We get everything done - according to your wishes for THE eyebrows on fleek. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-12 at

Let it grow!

Our Blashy Brow Serum helps you to grow your eyebrows again without any hormones.


No dry skin or itching - simply beautiful eyebrows for just  CHF 119.- Vegan and with high-quality peptides. 


Shelf life: 3-4 weeks 

Duration: 30 - 60 min



Stubborn and bristly eyebrows are lifted into shape for weeks with THE trend treatment Brow Lifting. The hair stays in place for weeks and is lastly nourished with a keratin conditioner. This brings fullness and volume. 

In the meantime, we have developed our own product: The Blashy Brow Lifting. 

We were one of the first in Switzerland to develop this at the beginning of 2019, inspired by abroad. 

The 3rd lotion is special to this treatment and stays on the eyebrows overnight, helping the hairs stay exactly as you styled them and not curl. Unique only to the Blashy Brand!

In addition, you no longer need eyebrow gel, which often makes the hair look unnatural and stiff, not to mention the hard touch.

Pure volume & fullness!


Long lasting result! 

For the durability of the great volume result, we also recommend our unique Keratin Brow Conditioner for at home for only CHF 39.- for care and to always have your lifting effect perfectly styled, our bestseller Brow Balmy is your daily companion . Velvet texture for easy brush application. With liquorice and olive extract.

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Shelf life: 2-4 weeks 

Duration: 45-60 mins


Natural eyebrow color with long-lasting tattoo effect. 
The product is natural-based, animal-free and completely vegan. It contains neither peroxides nor ammonia - the perfect alternative for otherwise regular eyebrow tinting. 

An innovative & natural product for eyebrow tinting, with tattoo effect on the skin. For expressive eyebrows - every day! Of course you can also book your styling at the same time. 

In order to tint your eyebrows with the perfect color, we have a range of 5 colors that we mix individually for you. 

And of course vegan & natural!


How does henna work? 

The outer hair follicle is smoothed and the brows look fuller and darker. Nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, a vitamin complex and anti-oxidants make the brows look healthy and supple. 

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Durability: approx. 2-4 weeks, depending on hair growth

Duration: 15-30 min


Get rid of unwanted hairs on your face simultaneously during any other treatment with our gentle face wax.  upon wish we only work with the thread technique / threading.


The fantastic aftercare products offer you a well-groomed feeling after waxing. Let's wax!

BB_ Quick Summer Waxing.png

lips to kiss

Book your upper lip waxing with your brow styling. We use very gentle and supple wax, which minimizes the risk of pimples or injuries to the skin many times over or even makes it impossible. 

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BLASHY BAR  Website Referenzen (5)
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Brow Tint & Style
Blashy Augenbrauen zupfen Brow Bar
Blashy Augenbrauen zupfen Brow Bar
Blashy Augenbrauen zupfen Brow Bar
Blashy Augenbrauen zupfen Brow Bar
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BLASHY BAR  Website Referenzen (2)
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price list.

All prices in CHF
incl. Blashy Pflegeconditioner, Massage & Covering cream on demand.
We also pay attention to the health & care of your eyebrows. 

Brow Wow Perfection Design       110.- 
Brow Tint & Style                                  63.-
Brow Style                                          43.-
Brow Tint/Bleach                              25.-
Brow Lifting                                      70.-
Henna Brow Tint, vegan now 45 min  55.-
Henna Brow Tint/Style now 60 min   98.- 

Nose inside                                         15.-
Sideburns o. Chin                             15.- 
Upper lip                                           22.-
Cheeks or neck                             27.-
Face Waxing all areas                               75.-

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