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The highlight for more momentum and a breathtaking eye look. Do you wish this too?

Your natural lashes are lifted at the base with a new technique, fixed and colored deep black or blue-black.

This eyelash lift treatment is a sensation in eyelash treatment and that without artificial lashes. Your own eyelashes appear extended and bent upwards - goodbye eyelash curler!

The treatment is very relaxing and as a pampering plus, your eyes are cared for with our eye pads. Your No.1 Lash Stylists for a perfect eyelash lift in the largest Lash & Brow Bar in Zurich and Switzerland!

Lash Lifting Treatment Procedure

Our regular customer - fitness model and blogger - Corinne Ruf takes you to her lash lifting and brow tint & style appointment.


Look inside!


Durability: 6-8 weeks,

Duration: 45 mins


Stunning and long-lasting eyelash lifting effect - without artificial eyelashes. With eyelash tinting, keratin care conditioner and color booster for more shine and volume.

Depending on your wishes and eye type, we adjust the lift to your eyelashes - for an optimal result. Great to combine with eyebrow plucking. You will no longer need an eyelash curler and mascara enhances the look of the eyelash lift, formerly it was called eyelash wave.

The eyelash lift is harmless to your eyelashes and can be repeated as often as you wish. You can do anything (mascara, oil-based make-up removal lotion, eyelash serum, use any eye creams, etc.) without affecting the lift.


Also suitable for pregnant women. It has proven no effect on pregnancy (info from the manufacturer Elleebana).

Our expertise is that we do 3500 lash lifts a year and we have a solution for all lashes and the perfect lash lift. We can choose from 7 different pad sizes to find the perfect lift for you. 

As care for at home, we recommend the Lash & Brow Conditioner as a cure for the night or our care elixir FEYEVORITE for daily care. The shine of the eyelashes is further enhanced. 

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Shelf life: approx. 2-4 weeks

Duration: 15 mins


The classic eyelash dye in your desired color with the unique Lash Pad, for safe application without burning your eyes. 

We use the Swiss color BELMACIL. Swiss made.

We know the producer personally - a great pharmacist who, in addition to Belmacil, also produces many other cosmetics and even medicines for Switzerland. 

You can choose between the popular shades of black, jet black and blue-black (the blue gives your eyebrows an extra shine) and various shades of brown. 

For home care, we recommend the Lash & Brow Conditioner   as a treatment for the night or our care elixir FEYEVORITE  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cf58d for daily care. The shine of the eyelashes is enhanced. 


price list.

All prices in CHF

Lash lifting - eyelash lifting    152.-
incl. eyelash coloring & Blashy care conditioner 
& final care for more shine and longer hold of the eyelash color - vegan

With us, lash lifting is not just a simple eyelash lift, but an all-round treatment in which we also pay attention to the health and care of your lashes. 

Lash Tint - Dye eyelashes       42.- 

Eyelash lift Relax -                   60.-
- > Extra for customers from third-party studios
If the lash lift is too severe or the lashes curl, we can relax the lashes again so you can apply mascara again and your natural lashes regain their natural shape, including a lash conditioner treatment

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