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We make your wish for the perfect eyebrows come true at the BLASHY BAR.

Have you been dreaming of a breathtaking look for a long time? Then we will make your dream come true. 

Eyelash extensions to thicken, lengthen and get addicted! The application of eyelashes is a real art, our lash stylists do a lot of internal, external and international training to stay up-to-date.

Individual eyelashes - One by one lashes, which are applied exactly to your individual natural eyelashes - for a stunning,  long-lasting and, above all, healthy eyelash experience.

Your No.1 lash stylists. Trained personally by the BLASHY BAR owner, who is also a proud judge at the Swiss Lash Trophies.


Stunning eyelash extensions in the largest Lash & Brow Bar in Zurich and Switzerland. 

How to find your perfect BLASHY BAR   Brow look?

How to find your perfect BLASHY BAR

Brow Look?

As Brow Experts from the start, we of course have a nice assortment of treatments on our Brow Menu!

Brow Tint & Style

Here, fitness model and blogger Corinne Ruf shows you how our brow treatments work and which techniques we use for them.

Start the video...!

Brow Tint & Style

Here, fitness model and blogger Corinne Ruf shows you how our brow treatments work and which techniques we use for them.

Start the video...!

Brow Tint & Style

Here, fitness model and blogger Corinne Ruf shows you how our brow treatments work and which techniques we use for them.

Start the video...!


Experten-Tipp von Debora:

"Bitte die Augenbrauen vor der Behandlung 1-3 Wochen nicht zupfen - so erzielen wir die schönsten Resultate und zaubern Dir Deine absoluten Traum-Augenbrauen. 

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!"


Wie funktioniert Henna? 

Das äussere Haarfollikel wird geglättet und die Brauen sehen fülliger und dunklerer aus. Pflegende Inhaltsstoffe wie Aloe Vera, ein Vitamin-Komplex und Anti-Oxidantien lassen die Brauen gesund aussehen und machen sie geschmeidig. 


Fadentechnik mit Aloe Vera!

Wir arbeiten mit Faden mit Aloe Vera Beschichtung für eine entzündungshemmende Fadentechnik/ Threading Behandlung. 

Lash Brow Foam.png

Lang anhaltendes Ergebnis! 

Wir empfehlen für die Haltbarkeit des tollen Volumenergebnis zusätzlich unseren einzigartigen Keratin Brow Conditioner für zuhause für nur CHF 39.- für die Pflege und um Deinen Lifting Effekt immer perfekt gestylt zu haben ist unser Bestseller Brow Balmy Dein täglicher Begleiter. Samtige Textur für ein einfaches Auftragen mit dem Bürstchen. Mit Lakritze und Olivenextrakt.


Let it grow!

Unser Blashy Brow Serum hilft Dir ganz ohne Hormone Deine Augenbrauen wieder wachsen zu lassen.


Keine trockene Haut oder Jucken - einfach schöne Augenbrauen für nur  CHF 119.- Vegan und mit hochwertigen Peptiden. 

BB_ Quick Summer Waxing.png

Lippen zum Küssen

Buche doch gleich Dein Oberlippen Waxing zum Brow Styling dazu. Wir verwenden ganz sanftes und geschmeidiges Wachs, welches die Gefahr der Pickelchen oder Verletzungen der Haut um ein Vielfaches minimiert bzw. sogar unmöglich macht. 

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Durability: up to 4 Weeks

Duration: 45min

Eyebrow correction with our

7-step system. The luxury version of brow styling for you!

Consultation - Brow Mapping - Tinting - Waxing - Threading - Contouring - Trimming - Brow Make up - Highlighter - Massage

During this treatment, your eyebrows are measured, shaped and styled to suit your type. We will also give you helpful tips and tricks for eyebrow styling and grooming at home. If this is your first time with us, we recommend this treatment.

With our specially produced Blashy Brow products, this treatment includes a beautiful brow make-up including highlighter.

If you have over-plucked eyebrows, we recommend a little patience to get your eyebrows into the perfect shape.

However, with our brow styling you will see a convincing "wow" result after the first treatment.


Durability: 2-4 Weeks

Duration: 30min

Brow plucking or brow tinting or both. Eyebrow correction with the No.1 Brow Bar

In this treatment, we style your eyebrows with wax, threading and contouring with tweezers.

And if you want the finishing touch, you can also book tinting - with our Swiss eyebrow tint from Belmacil.

Our brow experts undergo regular training and carry out more than 4,000 eyebrow treatments a year. They know what they are doing :-)

We work with what you bring with you and together we will find the way to your dream eyebrows.

Many paths lead to your perfect eyebrows. Sometimes it just takes a little patience.



Durability: 2-4 Weeks

Duration: 15 min

Eyebrow tinting

Do you simply want to get more expressive eyebrows with natural intensity by tinting?

Then tinting your eyebrows is ideal.

We use the Swiss eyebrow dye brand Belmacil. It colors faster and, if desired, more intensely than the conventional brands on the market.  We know the manufacturer, a super nice pharmacist, personally and swear by these colors - you'll be thrilled too.

The special thing is that we also have another Belmacil color for blondes in our range.

We can do everything - according to your wishes for THE eyebrows on fleek.


Durability: 3-4 Weeks
Duration: 30 - 60 min

tubborn and bristly eyebrows are lifted into shape for weeks with THE trendy Brow Lifting treatment.

The hair stays in place for weeks and is then treated with a keratin conditioner. This adds fullness and volume.

At the beginning of 2019, we were one of the first in Switzerland to develop this, inspired by other countries.

In the meantime, we have developed our own product: The Blashy Brow Lifting.

The 3rd lotion is the special feature of this treatment and stays on the eyebrows overnight, helping the hairs to stay exactly as you have styled them and not curl. Unique only at Blashy Brand!

In addition, you no longer need eyebrow gel, which often makes the hairs look artificial and stiff, not to mention hard to touch.

Pure volume & fullness!

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Durability: 2-4 weeks
Duration: 45 - 60 min

Natural eyebrow color with long-lasting tattoo effect.

The product is natural, cruelty-free and completely vegan. It contains neither peroxides nor ammonia - the perfect alternative to regular eyebrow tinting.

An innovative & natural product for eyebrow tinting, with a tattoo effect on the skin. For expressive eyebrows - every day!

Of course, you can also book your styling at the same time.

To make sure you get the perfect color for your eyebrows, we have 5 colors that we mix individually for you.

And of course vegan & cruelty-free!


Durability: approx. 2-4 weeks, depending on hair growth

Duration: 15-30 min

You can also have unwanted facial hair removed at the same time with our gentle wax.  Or we can work only with the thread technique / threading.

Depending on your wishes and skin type or a combination of both. Can also be combined with eyebrow plucking.

Waxing is carried out with PINK brand wax and allows your hair to be removed cleanly and gently.

The fantastic aftercare products provide you with a well-groomed feeling after waxing. Let's wax!

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price list.

All prices in CHF
incl. Blashy Pflegeconditioner, Massage & Covering cream on demand.
We also pay attention to the health & care of your eyebrows. 

Brow Wow Perfection Design       110.- 
Brow Tint & Style                                  63.-
Brow Style                                          43.-
Brow Tint/Bleach                              25.-
Brow Lifting                                      70.-
Henna Brow Tint, vegan now 45 min  55.-
Henna Brow Tint/Style now 60 min   98.- 

Nose inside                                         15.-
Sideburns o. Chin                             15.- 
Upper lip                                           22.-
Cheeks or neck                             27.-
Face Waxing all areas                               75.-

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