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wrinkle treatment.

Wrinkle treatment Zurich


Lass Deine Augen der strahlende Mittelpunkt Deines Gesichts sein mit ein bisschen Hilfe von

Have you been dreaming of a breathtaking look for a long time? Then we will make your dream come true. 

Eyelash extensions to thicken, lengthen and get addicted! The application of eyelashes is a real art, our lash stylists do a lot of internal, external and international training to stay up-to-date.

Individual eyelashes - One by one lashes, which are applied exactly to your individual natural eyelashes - for a stunning,  long-lasting and, above all, healthy eyelash experience.

Your No.1 lash stylists. Trained personally by the BLASHY BAR owner, who is also a proud judge at the Swiss Lash Trophies.


Stunning eyelash extensions in the largest Lash & Brow Bar in Zurich and Switzerland. 


Finally a dream of Svenja and Rabea comes true!

This has been in the planning since 2017 and something always came up and now Corona came along, but since natural aging and slow aging are more relevant than ever, we decided to finally implement it.


We love natural slow aging and we stand by it.

You can see life & maturity in a woman's face. Because that is what we are and what makes us special.

We are of the opinion that, for example, laughter lines have their right to exist, because that shows a cheerful and lively person.


But what we don't want is that our eyes appear sad or tired because of the wrinkles and "gravity", although we are happy and satisfied and have slept enough. 


The 360° SLOW AGING EYE TERATMEMTS are a wonderful addition to our eyelash and eyebrow treatments.

We have developed a wide variety of techniques that we offer in combination or individually. 

And who doesn't want a great, "age-appropriate eye area" including a fresh and alert appearance.

And our specially developed products complement the treatment portfolio. A successful treatment combination for all women from the age of 30 or under, if you want to do something preventive.

Eyes are our passion - and have been for years!

Rabea Kühn - owner of the BLASHY GROUP


Medically certified beautician with countless further training courses in the cosmetics industry. 

Rabea is a fan of SOFT PLASMA LIFTING and of course also does these treatments on herself. Active in the beauty industry for 10 years. She has a very steady hand and loves to get the best out of her clients during treatment .

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-23 at 16.24_edited.jpg

Bahar Demirtel - Master Beautician bei BLASHY


Zertifizierte Kosmetikerin & Make up Artistin mit vielen Weiterbildungen in der Kosmetikindustrie. 

Bahar hat Stars und Sternchen im türkischen TV geschminkt und hat ein sehr präszises Auge fürs Gesicht und mit welchen Anti Aging Behandlungen dieses, wieder mehr Frische gewinnt. Sie strahlt unglaubliche Ruhe aus und man fühlt sich bei Ihr in den besten Händen. 

Let yourself be seduced by the skills of our lash stylists & artists and get an insight into how we work.
Take a look !
(The video was recorded before Corona).

Lasting lifting effect for sagging skin. An electric arc vaporizes skin and the cells that are no longer hydrated fall off with the scab and the tightening sets in. 

Rabea & Svenja also train all new beauticians who want to learn Plasma Pen for Switzerland and have extensive knowledge of this treatment.

Info about the pictures:

The eyes can swell slightly, to avoid this, one should consume arnica a few days before. These treatments are all after one treatment and the younger the skin, the more you can see a great result immediately, mature skin certainly needs several treatments. 

In addition, you have to wait 4 weeks until the end result is fully visible. 

With the new Blashy Soft Plasma Pen method, the dots are even finer but still effective!


price list.

Upper and lower eyelid tightening, frown lines and forehead wrinkles, as well as deep crow's feet can be treated with this treatment.
Please allow 5-8 days for healing. The treated area can be wonderfully covered with our medical masking cream, so you can socialize very well. Result can last up to 2 years. Several treatments are necessary for an excellent result

Upper eyelid lift - 90 min 350.-
Lower eyelid lift - 75 min 290.-
Deeper crow's feet - 60 min 250.-
Frown line long-term effect- 45 min 150.-
Lip wrinkle- 60 min 250.-
Forehead wrinkles - 75 min 290.-

Attention: Depending on the severity, you need 2-3 treatments

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