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With vitamins.


Have you already tried everything? And nothing has helped, then you must try the Brow Energizer eyebrow growth cure without hormones only with vitamins - all natural.

Brow Energizer is an effective method that strengthens eyebrows and grows non-recurring hairs, easily without hormones and chemicals. The Soft Microneedling treatment provides a natural vitamin combination for thick and full eyebrows to support and harmonize your facial harmony. The special BLASHY Brow Energizer serum made in Germany of natural ingredients makes it possible. It is applied under the skin and stimulates hair growth. Already after a few weeks you will see the desired success and will be thrilled.

Brow Energizer Video

How does the treatment work? You can see it here in the video.


Your growth treatment for full and strong eyebrows.

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Application: 4 course of treatment recommended
Duration: 45 min


Hair growth cure for full & thick eyebrows. WITHOUT CHEMISTRY & naturally with vitamins. Brow Energizer is a new, effective method that strengthens eyebrows and grows non-recurring hairs with the help of soft microneedling. The treatment provides thick eyebrows. 100% natural ingredients and active serum made in Germany to stimulate hair growth again. A course of 4 treatments goes at an interval of 15-21 days between treatments. 

Most need two 4 treatments and eyebrow growth takes time - First results only after 3 months after the first treatment.  
This treatment is not for the impatient ;-) 


ATTENTION: This treatment does not create new hair roots but can stimulate dormant ones to grow again by e.g. too much plucking. 


Supportively, you should use a brow serum at home. However, we cannot give any guarantee, because we cannot see if the brow roots are completely destroyed, so that they cannot be stimulated anymore. 

price list.

All prices in CHF

Brow Energizer
Growth Treatment                                        87.-*

*We recommend 2 x 4 treatments in a year

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